Biggest Football Derbies

There are so many exciting matches that take place in football. From title rivals going head to head to relegation battlers at the other end of the table, there is nothing quite like a local derby to create the buzz, excitement and anxiety for a football fan. We take a look at the world’s biggest football derbies:

Liverpool v Everton – The Merseyside Derby

John Houlding was the man to break away from the Everton board in 1892. He formed Liverpool after a dispute between the two parties with Everton moving to Goodison.  Known as the ‘friendly derby’ as many families have supporters of both teams, it is also the longest running derby in the Premier League. There is never a shortage of passion from supporters or players when the two teams meet and given the two teams poor form recently, Everton will fancy their chances of getting one over their local rivals.

Previous Result: Saturday 3rd September 2022

Everton 0-0 Liverpool

Celtic v Rangers – The Old Firm Derby

Contested between two of the most successful clubs in Sottish football, Celtic and Rangers. The Old Firm Derby is one of the world’s oldest derbies dating back to the first meeting of the two teams in 1888. Back then, the two teams were much more friendly. However, over the years that has changed drastically. The city of Glasgow was split between two religious faiths. Celtic having the Catholic faith and Rangers taking on the protestant religion. The derby is always fiercely contested with both teams constantly looking to better their rivals.

Previous Result: Monday 2nd January 2023

Rangers 2-2 Celtic

AC Milan v Inter Milan – Derby della Madonnina

A derby steeped in history. The Milan derby dates back to 1909 and much like the split between Liverpool and Everton, Inter became the breakaway team from AC Milan. The rise of nationalism in Italy saw AC wanting to keep the playing squad to Italian only. Members who would later split from the team were passionate about internationalism and allowing other nationalities to play. AC Milan eventually accepted foreign players which has helped them become the successful team they are today.

Previous Result: Sunday 5th February 2023

Inter Milan 1-0 Ac Milan

Atletico Madrid v Real Madrid – El Derbi Madrileno

The history of the Madrid Derby is again based massively around the politics of the time. Atletico Madrid were formed by members of Athletic Bilbao after poor treatment of fans during the Copa del Rey final. Real Madrid had been the only club in Madrid as Real were absorbing smaller clubs into their own. Historically, Real were known as the team of the elites and Atletico the team of the workers, though fans come from all walks of life in more recent times.

Previous Result: Thursday 26th January

Real Madrid 3 – 1 Atletico Madrid

Boca Juniors v River Plate – Superclasico

The two clubs are seperated by just over 4 miles in the city of Buenos Aires. The Superclasico is known throughout the world of football as one the most fierce derbies. River is seen as the club of the rich after a move to a more affluent area, being given the nickname ‘The Millionaires’. While Boca are seen as the club for the working class, who stayed in the ‘La Boca’ area. This has lead the derby to be seen as a battle between the rich and the poor.

Previous Result: Tuesday 11th September 2022

Boca Juniors 1 – 0 River Plate